Our Purpose

  • Growing spiritually maturing, self-feeding, world-changing Christ-followers.


Our Passion

  • Preparing people for God’s Kingdom plans, purposes & promises by teaching the timeless, transformational truths of the Bible.


Our Vision

  • Joining God to make Jesus relevant, personal and prominent to people within our own personal spheres of influence, or “oikos”.


Our Values

  • Reaching out with God’s Good News of grace and truth to our “oikos”.
  • Regularly joining in community to build authentic relationships.
  • Touching the lives of people in our global community in a relevant way.
  • Equipping people to use their gifts and talents to serve others.
  • Growing Godly leaders for the home, church, and beyond.
  • Living out the life and commands of Jesus Christ.


Our Core Convictions

  1. There is only one true God who is holy, supreme, eternal, infinite, all-powerful, all-wise, morally perfect, loving, merciful, long-suffering, and faithful to fulfill all His promises.
  1. God, who is One, simultaneously manifests Himself in the co-equal persons of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
  1. God is the Creator, Sustainer and Ruler of all creation.
  1. The Bible is God’s own inerrant and infallible revelation about His character and nature. It describes the loving relationship He desires with His human creation.
  1. Humans are the special creation of God, made in His own image, giving them immeasurable worth.
  1. We willfully sin against God, which separates us from a relationship with Him.
  1. Jesus, God the Son, is God’s revelation of Himself to His human creation. Jesus was fully divine and fully human, born of the Virgin Mary. Jesus lived a sinless human life.
  1. Jesus offers the gift of forgiveness of sins against God, and eternal life with Him for those who trust in His death on the cross for those sins.
  1. Jesus’ resurrection from the grave proves His Deity and Lordship of all people and creation.
  1. Believers in Jesus Christ are spiritually born again, indwelled, and regenerated by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  1. God’s Church is made up of believers in the Lordship of Jesus Christ. It exists to draw people to God, help them to develop a Christian lifestyle and deploy them to serve others.
  1. Jesus Christ will return in wondrous visible glory to judge each person. People who accept His gift of forgiveness and follow His teachings will be rewarded and live forever with Him in the joy of Heaven.


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Download our Core Bible Truths Packet here: COTC-CoreBibleTruths-09-17-15